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Picking the right B2B Company Name

Of all the challenges in starting up a new venture, picking the right company name, whether for B2B, B2C, or other, is challenging to say the least.  It has tremendous branding impact, either good or bad, and can be the source of legal and economic woes for years if mishandled.  I’ve recently repurchased my first company’s name, TriTeal, and am offering it to ventures seeking to acquire a B2B company name either via purchase or lease.

My two partners and I originally selected TriTeal in 1993 after an exhaustive research project.  At the time, the “Internet Land Grab” really had not even started; we used the Internet for research, but did not have to deal with today’s challenges of scarcity.

TriTeal came to being after learning that “Blues” and “Greens” were good colors for an enterprise level brand, and hence the conclusion of “Teal”.   Given there were three of us we came up with “Tri”, putting the two facts together produced “TriTeal”.  Ah, success…..with credit for the creation going to my partner Jeff and his wife.

During the five years TriTeal operated as an enterprise software company, we did not have a single trademark or copyright issue with the name choice, nor did we discover it to have an adverse meaning in another language.  It was in fact, a great name find.

Twelve years later, TriTeal Google searches find only the remnants of our prior company operations.  My conclusion from this is that the name remains an exceptionally clean, professional, name for a B2B company.  Good names are exceptionally hard to find.

The TriTeal URL is for sale, along with several alt TriTeal URLs.  It could also be acquired or leased in exchange for equity in a venture backed startup, or startup with prior venture backed founders of note.

If you have interest in discussing the use of TriTeal as your venture’s new name, let’s talk.

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The Original TriTeal’s TED Platform

TriTeal Enterprise DesktopTED was the TriTeal Enterprise Desktop – a CDE GUI for UNIX workstation. TEDsecure was a desktop security module developed to meet Fortezza-based security requirements specified by the NSA. With TEDsecure, users could secure email communications, and protect and authenticate archived messages using data encryption and digital signatures. Users could encrypt and sign files for secure data storage in the UNIX file system


History – The Original TriTeal

Original TriTeal Logo

Original TriTeal Logo

TriTeal was engaged  in the development, marketing, and support of open systems-based, mission-critical desktop systems software and integrated applications that enable multi-platform deployment of client/server applications throughout an enterprise. TriTeal was based in Carlsbad, California, and ceased operations in 1999.